Featured Vendors:

Absolems Garden

Alchemy of the Pen

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

The Bloody Bakery

Crisiswear Clothing Inc

Dom Draven sculptures

D.Webb Designs

Granny Goth ~ Tarot and tea

Hi Ho Silver Works

Solstice Born Pottery

Tiny Neenja

Tündérlings by Cicada LLC


More Vendors:


The 13th Crypt


Amanda Dufresne Art

American Paranoia

Art by Desi

Baby Bat Beauty

Bearded Noise

Black Ankh Designs

Blonde Swan Hats



Catacomb Culture

The Celtic Cauldron

Chaotic Arts

Cocoa kawaii

Console Yourself Soap

Custom Fangs NYC

Dark Star Fusion Clothing

Dark Whimsy

Dead End Threads

Deadly Grounds Coffee

Delia Lefays Offerings

Delicious Boutique

Delightful Hydra Designs


Dog Head Studios

Dragonduck Creations

Dragons Fair LLC

Eclectic Jewelry

Electronic Saviors:Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

The Emberwynter Collection

The Fiendish Fox Co.

Fish Out Of Water Studio

Gemini Crow Hot Sauce

Hallowed Elements LLC

Hannah Horror


Holmes Haus Photography

Homer’s Girls Food Truck

Horrified Rat / Jersey Boy Boutique

Indigo Rose Crafts

Jessie’s Custom Crafts and Little Furries sensory toys

The Laughing cats


Lethal Ware

Licata Knives

Loup and Rose

Luna Fae Leathers

M. Lineham Art

Macabre Queen Studio


Mementos of the Macabre

The Mexiboys Food Truck

Mhisty’s Coven Tree

Molly Monroe Apparel


New Dark Age

Object Natura

The October Afterglow

October Cult

The Oil Well Scent Co.


Petunia Rocks!

Pincushion Pinups

PlusHii Kawaii

Pogo Beard Company

QWERT Poetry

Red Duke Games

Reliquary Arcanum

Requiem Oddities

Resin and Ink

Scary Marys

Scream & Sugar Soap Co. LLC

Snug Baby

Still Wild

Studio Katoween

Stuffed Tailgate Food Truck

Stytch Wytch Threads


Team Manticore LLC

Tiny Killer Carnival

Tragic Doll Creations

Trollop Labs

Unique not Freak

Vera Worthington Art


Wings of Sin


Xraeart Clothing Co