Stay Tuned for 2025 Panels & Presentations.
2024 Panels & Presentations listed below:

Creepy Coloring Book Hour          [Sunday @ 1:45 PM]

An art activity for all ages. Join us in a relaxing 1-hour coloring book session and receive an official VampireFreaks coloring book featuring original VampireFreaks artwork. Separate ticket required.

Dark Force Drag Show Q&A          [Saturday @ 8:15 PM]

Get to know the Dark Force Fest drag queen performers in this no holds barred Q&A session!

Electronic Saviors          [Sunday @ 4:00 PM]

Join Electronic Saviors creator and Distortion Productions label boss, Jim Semonik and guests as he discusses past and upcoming Electronic Saviors projects and current releases.

EPOC Community Panel          [Saturday @ 6:15 PM]

Eclectic People Of Color are developing a community for the vanguard creative ideas of melanated peoples to be welcomed, realized, explored, and promoted. Many people, no matter their ethnicity, do not know the history of eclectic arts culture and the legacies they are charged with upholding.

Gothic Makeup Tutorial          [Friday @ 6:45 PM]

Lovelace Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free gothic makeup brand known for its high pigmented products created by Victoria Lovelace. Victoria will hold a unique makeup workshop showing how to incorporate colors into gothic makeup looks.

Goths of Color Panel          [Friday @ 6:30 PM]

In this panel we celebrate and discuss the role of people of color in the goth community. Join us for an open dialogue as our panelists discuss their experiences on how race intersects with alternative subcultures, and the impact that people of color have on the goth community.

Goth Dad Q&A          [Saturday @ 3:15 PM]

By popular demand – Goth Dad of Vision Video hosts a Q&A session! Known for his viral TikTok videos featuring dad jokes and advice!

Goth in Anime Panel          [Sunday @ 12:30 PM]

Exploring goth aesthetics in anime. Featuring anime series and characters with a taste for darkness. Hopefully you find a few hidden gems that you didn’t know of before!

Goth Networking 101          [Friday @ 5:30 PM]

Make some friends and acquaintances at this panel designed for making connections! Hosted by Scott Izzard and Joe Melluzo.

Industrial Dance Class          [Saturday @ 3:45 PM]

Step into the rhythm of the night! Learn and explore the cutting-edge movements and pulsating beats of industrial dance. Lace up your boots, adorn yourself in riveted flair, and join us for a high-energy workshop guaranteed to elevate your dance skills to the next level!

LGBTQ+ Panel: Rainbows In The Dark          [Friday @ 5:15 PM]

Hear fun stories and accolades of past and present LGBTQ+ history within our scene and culture. There is always a possibility that sensitive topics might be discussed, please be kind & take care of yourself first.

LGBTQ+ Meetup          [Friday @ 6:30 PM]

After the LQBTQ+ panel, head on over to the VampireFreaks lounge for a meetup to make some connections!

Live Bats Lecture          [Saturday @ 12:30 PM]

NJ’s bat-man is bringing his family-friendly LIVE bat exhibit back to Dark Force Fest. Joseph D’Angeli’s “Bat-Cave” is the only facility specializing in, and centering on, bats and bat conservation in the NY/NJ area.

Make It Sew: A Cosplay and Maker Panel          [Sunday @ 5:15 PM]

A lively and insightful discussion for the budding maker who is just getting their feet wet, to the established maker who may have a full shop at their disposal. Bring your vision to life, and fuel your imagination!

Oontz Oontz: Twitch DJ Panel          [Sunday @ 1:30 PM]

Ever wanted to connect IRL with a Twitch DJ? Find out in this 60 minute panel where we will discuss the ins and outs of being a DJ on the internet.

Paint a Wooden Coffin Box          [Sunday @ 3:00 PM]

We provide everything you need, including a wooden coffin box with optional LED lights and batteries. Paint, paint brushes, and supplies are provided. Suitable for children and adults! Separate ticket required.

Wet Specimen Demonstration          [Saturday @ 5:00 PM]

A hands-on demonstration to learn how to safely preserve and maintain your very own jarred biological specimens at home. No harmed animals, no toxic chemicals, and no gore involved.

Vampire Meet-Up & Discussion Circle          [Saturday @ 7:30 PM]

Come share what vampirism means to you, your most delightful experiences, the challenges you have faced, and how the Dark Gift has transformed you. Newly awakened, seasoned, and vampire elders alike are all equally welcome.

Victorian Mourning Jewelry          [Sunday @ 4:15 PM]

Learn the art and history of Victorian mourning/hair jewelry. Create your own piece of hair art and learn the different techniques used during the Victorian era.